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    im using tc ringer on my treo 300. just wonderign if theres a program to make my own midi library with say midis i DL mysefl off the net?
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    start with Anvil Studio to cut down the tune to a shorter length (I believe it should be under 9k to not cause probs)

    once you "Truncate" the song the way you want it, save it to a folder.

    then go to
    where you will be able to create your own PDB file of midi's you have created.

    if you are adventurous(sp?) you can also search out PalmMidiDesktop and further add/delete midi's to the PDB you created - best not to put too many in 1 file tho...
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    there are other threads around here that discuss the process in greater detail, so if you are looking for more, search around a bit
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    thankyou veru very much

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