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    Is the Photo Album from handspring any useful?

    I can't always hear the weak ringtones. Is there any program I can use to increase the volume?

    I was a visor user and love the thinkdB2.5. However now it changed to Smartlist-to-go (in fact it is thinkdB 2.6) but now the system requirement for the device is OS4.0. Can my treo handle it or I need to keep using thinkdB2.5?

    Any helps would be appreciated!!!
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    I just loaded SLTG yesterday and it works fine on my Prism. 3.5
    Only in a Jeep.
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    Photo Album is ok, considering it is free. I tried it out 6 months ago. I seem to remember that it had thumbnail view but no slideshow. Also it did not work with MemPlug.

    I ended up paying for SplashPhoto (which was on sale at the time). That has thumbnails, slideshow, and worked well with MemPlug. They have a free 30 day demo if you are interested:

    jpegwatch and AcidImage are supposed to handle JPGs better. AlbumToGo from is another free picture viewer that is ok.

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