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    I just noticed that when I am using oen of the Treo apps, I only get a hardly noticeable beep when someone is calling or sending SMS rather than a popup window or a more sustained beeping. Is there a workaround for this?
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    Is it a specific app? There is no need for a workaround, as it shouldn't work this way. When you are in an app, there should be a pop-up asking how you want to handle the call/SMS.
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    No such popup window. I was either in the To-Do or Memo Pad, and all I heard was a beep which I interpreted as a beep of the RecoEcho software. Is there a setting somewhere to make it do that?
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    There is no settings, it should just work. Maybe try a hard reset and see if it works after that. Maybe there is some conflict with another application. Add each application testing this feature, maybe you will find a culprit.
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    Now, I noticed that the popup window appears on other apps. I noticed that it doesn't while I am writing a new SMS. I should observe that more often.
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    You hear a quick beep because hitting any key silences the ringing. Since you were actively using an app, your input just as the phone is starting to ring is taken as you silencing the ringer.

    This is one of the weekest points of the Treo. In fact, since pressing the up arrow key rejects the call and possibly sends it to voice mail, I have so rejected a number of calles that came while I was scrolling up in one app or another. One would think this is unlikey but it's not.

    I think a solution would be for the Treo to ignore the up arrow rejection keystroke momentarily (a few seconds), until the call information is properly displayed. A cleaner implementation would display a message like "Receiving Call" momentarily then switching to the call screen. That would tell you to stop scrolling (or typing in general) and wait for the phone to ring.
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    it's probably a limitation of it's lack of multi-tasking robustness?
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    Originally posted by ManofTrueGod
    it's probably a limitation of it's lack of multi-tasking robustness?
    I don't think so. What I described above as the preferred solution can all be implemented within one application (the phone app).

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