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    i dropped my treo and it crcaked right near one of the cover hinges (i can easily remover the cover now), and was informed by sprint that any "physical" damage is covered under phone insurance only. that's a bunch of bull-roar because a previous (one of five!) treo i owned had an antennae that was loose and wouldn't tighten. i already used my indurance once to replace a phone (i don't feel right in paying the $35 deductible) they replaced that one. any comments, suggestions, rants. or raves?

    p.s. what a piece of shee-yite the treo is (physically speaking)!!!
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    I had pretty much the same problem last week with my six month old Treo. One of the hinges came undone and it was nearly impossible to use the phone without a headset.

    The people at the Sprint store claimed that I would have to go through insurance since the damage was due to "normal wear and tear." I argued strongly that a well made phone wouldn't lose a cover after six months of normal use. It simply wasn't made well!

    They eventually sent me to the "red room" to call a customer care manager. That manager quickly gave me the go-ahead to get a new Treo.

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