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    I've decided that I want a Treo 270 with service through T-Mobile. I want to know if now is good time to buy, or if I should wait a month or three because, for example, a new model is coming out or discounts are upcoming, or whatever.

    Any advice is appreciated.

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    If I had to guess, I'd think that T-Mobile would discount them to be competitive with the Treo 300 from Sprint. I'd also guess that T-Mobile will offer an unlimited data plan within the next few months. It's just a question of how long you can hold out...

    - m
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    The T270 is quite a good 2-in-1 device. It's not as solidly built like most mobile phones but it does the job.

    After a lot of research (thanks to TreoCentral and other forums) and thinking, I finally bought mine in Singapore last Dec. since they had the 900/1900 World Phone version. In Europe they only sell the 900/1800 version.

    At first I did encounter some problems. The unit has becoume quite stable after installing GPRS 1.1.1 update (I believe this version is for Europe only). I hardly need to do a soft reset. I guess I'm one of those lucky guys.

    Though I've had my unit for only 2 months, I'm quite happy with it. I now can't live without my Treo.

    I would suggest you read through the discussions in this and other forums.


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