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    Can anyone help me find a treo for <$300

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    I'm looking for the same thing and my only idea so far is to rob the local Best Buy (that will be way under $300). I'm gunna need a few more guys though. Who's in on the job?

    Jeff "mugsy" Mahorney
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    I just wanted to know how to get like ciruit city to price match? I was going to buy it at best buy but I was away so I couldn't get in the store. Now the deal is over was wondering if there is some way to get another store to match it based on that deal...

    any ideas would be great as I would like to get a treo.
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    Here's my story of how I got my Treo for ~$230:

    It doesn't look like Best Buy has them on sale anymore unfortunately, but it probably won't be long until they do again. You might still get the Sprint Store to match it though.

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    Try MicroCenter. If you search on my userid you'll find a post in which I describe how I got mine for about $150. And really, when all was said and done, my net cost was actually only about $50, once I sold the phone I had.
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    Skidoo, question; were you already on a retention plan before you got the $150 worth of credits?

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    If you buy through us and set up a corporate account, or have an existing corporate account, you can get it down to $214.96 with a 3 year agreement.

    Treo 300 $499.95
    $50 device rebate -50.00
    $50 credit on 1st invoice - 50.00
    $150 for yr agreement -150.00
    Activation Fee Waived - 34.99

    Net Code = $214.95

    Check it out at

    Individual consumers are eligible for the 2 $50 rebates.

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    My suggestion would be to wait it out. The Treo 300 has been out for quite a while now, the Tungsten W is about to hit the stores in the US, and the Sony TG50 should be out fairly soon as well. I'm not saying that you should not choose a Treo 300, simply that because of the age of the Treo 300 and the release of these new products, it's inevitable that the Treo 300's price will only come down farther. Of course, Sprint's rates just went up a bit, so there's obviously no guarantee about Sprint's prices (though I wouldn't worry about that either - they don't change plan prices very often).

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    Ocaasionally the phone goes on sale for $250.00 at Best Buy. It's been that price twice in the past month. Check your circular or
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    BestBuy flyer's had the price of the 300 down to 249 .. they stopped the ad last week .. but previous ads show'd that the sale is through Feb03 .. you've got a few more days .. if you go can find a copy of their ad!
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    Ocaasionally the phone goes on sale for $250.00 at Best Buy. It's been that price in the past month.
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    If anyone is still interested in getting a Treo really cheap, my loss is your gain. I have to sell my Treo (company is providing a corporate phone and Sprint is NOT the provider).

    I won't bore you with details because everyone here knows what a great phone this unit is. I will tell you that my unit is less than 3 months old and is indistinguishable from new. It comes with the box, manuals, and everything else that was included.

    I will guarantee this phone to be as described. If you get it and are not satisfied for ANY reason, I will accept it back and refund the TOTAL price paid, including shipping! THAT'S HOW CONFIDENT OF THIS SWEET LITTLE MACHINE.

    Check out my feedback on ebay and purchase with absolute confidence. My ebay id is, same as my email.

    If interested, email me at either or

    I will take the first $300 offered. I'm willing to let it go for $250, but I will wait a few days for a better offer.

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    The response was overwhelming (I should have anticipated as much, it truly is a sweet machine), but the item is sold.

    Thank you.

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