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    Here's more info on this problem I'm having... maybe someone else here has had a similar problem. I just got off the phone with handspring and $20 for support later, no solution (yet). Having to pay for support on a mail service I also pay for does irk me somewhat...

    Anyway, using a 270, t-mobile and corp desktop edition with exchange server. Email works fine in terms of checking and sending. When I go to my desktop assistant app, it tells me that all new mail is being forward to the service operations center. And as I get email, this is true. I am NOT getting any notifications at all though - this just stopped working about four days ago. In fact, when I go to the notification page on the treomail web site, notification is stuck on "pending" since I turned it off and on again as a part of my troubleshooting a few days ago. I've sinced turned it off and on again a few more times (with mail sync before putting it on again) with no luck.

    Any idea what may be causing this? It seems to me like a treomail problem - on their end - since mail is getting to the service operations center and I can get it by getting the mail on my treo.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

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    So Handspring still has no idea... they deleted my entire email account from their systems and had me recreate it - and STILL no notifications to my treo - and STILL the account management page is stuck on Pending.

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