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    I refuse to pay Apple for a .mac address, but I know people in this forum have asked for another way to access .mac mail from their Treos so I thought I would pass this along:


    "February 18, 2003 - 09:07 EST The folks at WapMac ( have announced a new service which allows .Mac subscribers to check their email accounts using a data capable mobile phone. The service connects to the users mailboxes using IMAP functionality to keep their message status in sync with their primary mail application of choice. The free service includes the ability to browse and read messages, while an enhanced offering is available for a one time contribution of US$15."

    I have not tried this myself; just FYI for others.

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    I've already been able to check my .mac e-mail with Eudora. The only problem of course is that I am not notified of any new mail I might receive. Does this new service allow for instant notifications? Are there any problems I am not aware of with .mac users who use Treos?

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