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    I have been trying for 2 months to use my Treo 300 to dial into our corporate server for email and finally today I got it working.

    I read all the posts about commercial VPN software like Mergic but nothing worked since our VPN is enabled with 128bit Smart Cards not standard passwords.

    After hours of frustration and several posts on this board I tried messing with Network settings on the Treo. I created a new service, chose a connection of wireless to modem, used my corporate user name and password and entered a corporate dial-up phone number. Once the settings were entered I tapped on connect, opened Eudora and low-and-behold, all my email on the corporate server came right through.

    No need for PCS Business Connection, no need to ask the IT department to install software on the corporate server!

    Thanks Handspring for making such a flexible device!!!
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    This is outstanding. Could you clarify one thing? How do you connect? I was able to make the new connection, but I can't seem to find a "Connect" button to press. What is that under?
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    Two ways to connect.

    1 - Under the Prefs menu choose the new service from the "service" pull down then press connect at the bottom. Sprint Vision will be disconnected and the dial up service will be active. Then go to Eudora, snappermail etc and check your email.

    2- In Eudora choose Options from the main header then choose Network Preferences, pull down your dial up service and press connect. Then check mail.

    For someone like me who doesn't need always on Email but would like to check twice or so a day in the middle of a long meeting this work around is perfect.

    If Sprint raises the fee for Vision I am considering using this option to use the corporate web access to the internet on the 300 instead of Vision. It's just nice to have options other than Sprint.
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    Using the method you describe sounds like it uses minutes rather than unlimited data. is that correct?
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    So this means that your Treo connects like an old fashioned analog modem?

    One question: in the Network prefs how do you create a new service? Do you go to "Sprint Provisioning"?

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    Originally posted by mathewlu
    So this means that your Treo connects like an old fashioned analog modem?

    One question: in the Network prefs how do you create a new service? Do you go to "Sprint Provisioning"?

    Prefs, Network, then hit Menu, and you should see a New option.

    This does work. I was able to VNC this way, which I can't do with Vision.

    However, I'm a little afraid this costs extra. With my plan, I get X number of minutes and unlimited Vision. When I tried this, I saw I had a new charge on my online account, called "Casual use of...". I called and asked, and they said you are connecting as a modem, and this will cost $0.40/minute.

    COBoarder, do you not pay extra for this? I didn't appear to be charged (i.e., my bill was not 0.40 higher) but I'm nervous to do this very much.
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    I'm not sure of the charges. I am on a corporate account using a shared pool of minutes paid by a corporate bean counter and therefore never see the bill.

    What is interesting is that I can place a phone call while connected to dial-up but I can't be on Sprint Vision and dial-up at the same time. It appears there is one modem/network channel that is separate from the voice channel and the model/network channel is the one which the analog modem connects with.
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    This is outstanding. I had no problem setting up the service and dialing into my corporate modem and logging in. But when I go back to Eudora all I see is whatever was last sync'ed with my Outlook.

    If I click to "Check Mail" then it wants to check things under POP accounts I've established. If none are established then I get an error message about accounts being setup.

    I tried it both ways you suggested - go to network preferences and connect first and then go to Eudora OR go into Eudora and change the network settings from there.

    Is there some way in Eudora to tell it you're online and it should be looking at what's on the server or is there a way to tell it to sync with the modem connection so you see the most recent things?

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    This is probably the old 2G data network connectivity. I have heard that you get billed for time connected doing this - not a good deal by comparison to Vision. I would prefer to work out the VPN foibles and be on unlimited data. Your method is useful for occasional access though.

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