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    Can I use my current ISP e-mail account on a Treo 300? Or do I have to subscribe to Sprints e-mail service (which I really don't want to do). Plus, which e-mail program do you recommend to get my e-mail from my ISP.

    Thanks in advance
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    you can use your current email isp. if they have "popmail", i think "snappermail" is by far the best email app. but others may disagree. everyone has different needs. eudora mail is free and is ok for a manual email checker (snappermail will check for email periodically). or you may be able to download your email from the internet through blazer. good luck!
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    I alo am using SnapperMail to access my email. Works really well, and has great support.

    - Rich
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    I second (or third) the SnapperMail suggestion. It's a little steep at $35, but it does work very well. I also subscribed to for the secure SMTP server (not necessary, but I find it more convenient and reliable than SnapperMail does not yet support IMAP or HTML, but both are promised (HTML in about a month, no word on the timeframe for IMAP).


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