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    Utilizing snapper mail 1.5.0b Build 9.
    Device: Treo 300
    Sprint PCS

    I cannot send any messages.

    I am connecting through my local dial-up ISP.

    When I set up my e-mail I use: ; username: taj ; password: ******

    I enter this in the “SERVER” settings; in the “Incoming Mail” & I download e-mail no problem.

    On the “Outgoing Mail”, I make the same entries & cannot send email.

    I get the error message:

    << SMTP responded not OK. Failed to authorize to SMTP server on account Account1. Server replied 500 5.7.9 authentication failed>>

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    The SnapperMail support forum on Yahoo is located here.

    The SnapperMail web site also has a very helpful support FAQ.
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    for SMTP settings try using your Sprint PCS account. works for me on all my accounts
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    I know this is not what you were asking but I followed the advice of several, including SnapperMail's site, and paid the $14.95 one-time fee to subscribe to That gets you an web-based mailbox, but, much more importantly to me, a secure SMTP server that works perfectly with Entourage on my TiBook (for when I'm using WirelessModem and/or using some public WiFi hotspot) and with SnapperMail on the Treo. Highly recommended.

    I did this after I found to be unreliable.

    --Mathew Lu
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    I'm having the same problem here in Northern Virginia. It started out last night. Where are you located?

    See this thread.

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