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    I saw something weird tonight that I wanted to check out with fellow treo users. I set up the cell plan tracker and put in the specifics of my plan. (500 minutes peak time, unlimited weekends and nights, peak 7AM-9PM) I got the following figures from cell plan checker (peak setting 7 and 21):
    Peak Minutes-101 Off Peak-270

    When I went online, the sprint web sites indicated that it is the following:
    Peak - 122 Off Peak- 247

    I thought is was rather interesting that the sum was pretty close. I fiddled with the parameters of the cell tracker plan and found that if I changed the plan parameter to 7AM to 10 PM (7 and 22) , I got the following:

    Peak-123 Off Peak-248.

    This is pretty close to the Sprint Web Site.

    There is a mistake somewhere.

    1. The proper setting for cell plan tracker is 22 for a 9PM???
    2. The sprint web calculation improperly uses 10PM
    3. A weird combination of errors that I can't comprehend.

    Any Ideas? Does your cell plan tracker match the web site calculation? What are your settings?

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    One thought is that your clock/time is wrong, such as being one hour off.
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    Great suggestion, but the time was pretty close to correct.

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    I am using Cell Plan Tracker and I checked the information that you were wondering about. This month I see that on my Treo, Cell Plan Tracker is reporting 158/108 for peak and off-peak minutes respectively. When I go to the Sprint website I see that it has my usage listed as 157/108. As you can see the numbers are extremely close. I am using the peak hours of 7 to 21 on weekdays and 0 to 0 on the weekends.

    This is my second month of owning the program and I remember my first month being more off than the numbers reported on the Treo this month. One more thing to mention is to also make sure that you have the correct starting date for your plan in Cell Plan Tracker. My plan restarts on the 3rd of each month rather than the 1st and that might skew your numbers.

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