I have never launched Keyboard before (native application to teach Treo keyboard use). I had to reinstall my GPRS update and all of my old stuff (12 Megs worth) on my third Treo 180. I was running down my apps to be sure everything worked. When I launched Keyboard, I got an immediate crash/freeze and an obscure message with the Reset button (which did not work). A soft reset brought my T180 back to life. For yuks, I took my old Treo (on the way back to HS) which I had hard reset back to factory condition, and Keyboard launches fine. Any idea what apps might kill Keyboard? I use X-master with FindHack, TreoTools to turn on the radio, Teal Doc, DocstoGo, Epocrates, FireViewer, OneTouchMobile, WirelessModem. I don't need to have an operable Keyboard demo, I just am curious if anyone else has had this problem and has tracked down the culprit.