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    I just noticed that when i sent a text msg to myself using only my cell number, the message came thru instantly and without having the incoming message banner come up. This would be great if it stays this way.
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    forget previous msg the banner is back but I am still receiving message faster than before when using only cell number
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    Not for me it isn't. This is very interesting and different from the way I used to receive one-way messages.

    If sent from the web site:

    I get the full text message (at least up to 100 characters) without the old header/subject preface. I do not get the usual Treo300SMS pre-notification.

    If sent via e-mail to

    I get the header(from e-mail address)/subject as before but do not get the Treo300SMS pre-notification.

    If sent from another PCS subscriber:

    I get the header (from but do not get the Treo300SMS pre-notification.

    Very interesting indeed.

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