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    What is the best quality, easiest to fit, and use?
    I am looking for one that has volume control where it can get pretty loud. (one designed for a convertible)
    Also noise reduction, so the background noises are limited?
    I don't care about the cost.
    I tried the Jabra for $199. I loved it, except since the Treo 300 isn't Bluetooth compatible, it was a pain having the adapter around all the time.

    I noticed there are more companies making these.
    Does anyone have any feedback?

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    I have yet to find a headset solution that I like. I tend to like retractable since I don't want to wear it 24x7. I want to put it in/on/near my ear when I have a call. Only problem with retractables - the cord that goes from the unit on your belt to the Treo is too small to take the Treo out and use it.
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    The best headset I've seen so far is at


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