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    I just saw this thread on howardforums showing Sprint's new rate plans! Here it is below FYI:

    New Plans for Sunday
    $20 20/20 no pcs2pcs, $10 vision
    $35 300/1000 no pcs2pcs, $10 vision
    $45 500/unlim, pcs2pcs $5, $10 vision
    $55 600/unlim, pcs2pcs $5, $10 vision
    $65 800/unlim, pcs2pcs $5, $10 vision
    $80 100/unlim, pcs2pcs $5, $10 vision
    $100 2000/unlim vision inc, free add a phone, $5 pcs2pcs
    $115 2500/unlim vision inc, free add a phone, $5 pcs2pcs
    $125 3500, vision inc, free add a phone, $5 pcs2pcs
    $150 4500, vision inc, free add a phone, $5 pcs2pcs

    That would absolutely SUCK IMO. I wonder if they will "grandfather" in existing plans if you're on a month to month plan? I have the 2000 min/$85 plan, pcs2pcs, 2 xtra phones +$20, nt/weekend +$10, unlimited vision for grand total of $115 bucks.

    According to these new rates, I would have to pay $125 bucks for same peak minutes!!

    P.S. Please note that Sprint has put up the new rate plans
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    Please disregard the rates I posted above from Howardforums and refer to these rates as posted on Sprints website.
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    whew, good thing i signed my Treo 300 up for the basic plan on Thursday. I got the same $45 plan their offering for $30-first three months, and $40 thereafter with unlimited data and unlimited nights and weekends. n&w are now capped at 1000...

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