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    I got my hands on a treo 90 today and really liked it, but I have two questions about it.

    1. Since Handspring is not selling it on there web page anymore do you expect the price to drop (down to 150)? Also along those lines does that mean they have stopped making the treo 90 and are just getting rid of whats in the warehouse?

    2. I have a Visor edge and was wondering how I go about transfering all my programs and files over to the 90? If I have a B&W program and move to a color program I hope I do not have to pay another registration fee?
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    It's possible it's for sale somewhere for $150. Check yahoo shopping or bargain PDA and see. As to whether the they're still making the Treo90, rumors day no, HS says yes. I'd believe HS at the moment.

    As for moving files: provided you have your username set to the same thing on both units, you can backup and then should be able to restore your files to the Treo 90.

    Your black and white apps should work on the 90, they'll just be black and white. You'll also find that some of them probably already are color. If in doubt, download the software again and see if they offer the app in color. Usually you will not have to pay again.

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    Thanks so very much for the reply Kevin. I thought thats all I had to do I just wanted someone else to comfirm what I was thinking.
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    To be safe, you can install SyncAll in your edge before you sync it. That will make sure that everything gets backed up. Otherwise you can lose some things in the transfer.

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