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    Does anyone have creative ways to voice-recognition dial telephone numbers with their treo 300? in order to use sprint's service, one has to hit * and telephone. Is there a way to reconfigure the buttons to do that?

    also the headset that came with the treo 300 has a button on it that only hangs up the call, not dial. is there a head set that will dial the number?
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    1. Yup, you can do that. I configured the first speed dial button to dial "*" so I just click in the jog whee twice and I get voice activation. I moved the factory Voice Mail speed dial to speed dial button #2. You can find the instructions starting on p. 84 of the Treo 300 user guide.

    2. The button answers and hangs up a call. It cannot dial a number. The current interface does not support this functionality.
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    excellent advice! thank you for the tip!

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