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    Has anyone had a successful experience with TreoPictureCallerID?

    I recently went through about a 10 day period where all my incoming calls were unanswered and went into voicemail, even if I was calling myself from a phone a few feet away, and despite re-sets etc.

    When I disabled the expired demo version of TreoPictureCallerID I had forgotten I had on my Treo, the problem seems to have gone away.

    Now I don't know whether the problem was simply due to the fact that the demo expired (with no announcement or reminder to me), in which case I would gladly buy the product and register it now that I use TCRinger instead of the problem-laden but pictureID-absent Ringo, or whether it is an inherent flaw in TreoPictureCallerID, so that I should remove the demo and totally forget about this product.

    I would buy TreoPictureCallerID if I was sure that the paid version would not screw up my Treo receiving incoming phone calls. Anyone using it successfully and without incident?


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    Works great here. I have found PDAapps products pretty "bullet-proof."
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    no problems here either
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    Benn working great here, too!!

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