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    I decided to get the Treo 300 after reading some of the messages here and saw that Best Buy had it for $249 last Saturday. Checked the Best Buy ad online and saw that they were holding over the sale.

    The problem was that I was already a Sprint customer and I still had 1 1/2 years left on my contract. My account had an Add-a-phone on it for my wife's phone, so I figured if worse came to worse, I could just take one of those phones off that plan and have two separate plans. Anyway, I decided to deal with that problem later.

    First I went for Circuit City's discount on Best Buy. I called their phone ordering number and they said they didn't match prices on website or phone orders. Bummer. Then I started calling around to Circuit Cities and seeing if they would match it. I called one store and the guy said they WOULDN'T match BB's price because it was a "different" model with HK at the end. I asked him what was different about it and he said he didn't know because he didn't work for Best Buy. He was pretty rude. I hung up and called another Circuit City and the guy there said to come in and they'd see what they could do.

    On Monday, that's what I did and there again they wouldn't price match it because they claimed it was a different "lesser" model and that's why it was cheaper. I argued with him for a while, but eventually gave up and left. Maybe having the print ad wasn't helping me I thought. If they had to call Best Buy, then maybe they would gloss over the HK part.

    I stopped by the Sprint Store next and asked if they would match the price or at least give me some sort of deal. I'm still under contract and they said they didn't have any good deals right now for existing customers. The woman even whispered to me to go to Amazon! They did say that they would match the price for a NEW activation though, so I left chewing on that, still holding out for a way to do it without signing up for a new plan.

    Later that day, I went to Best Buy. They were out of stock. They didn't know when they would have more. I called another BB store and they were out of stock too. Uh oh.

    So I headed down to the Circuit City where the guy was rude to me on the phone figuring that someone else would be on shift. I showed them the Best Buy ad and they agreed to match the price IF Best Buy had them in stock. I was suspicious about this, but they had their price match policy on the wall and it said that they'd match stocked items only. They started calling Best Buys to see if they had any in stock. Of course I knew they didn't, but I waited anyway. None were in stock, so they told me to come back when BB had them again, which could be after the sale was over.

    I had been watching EBay pretty closely during this time and all the new ones from reputable-looking users were going for $400, which didn't seem like much of a deal.

    On Tuesday I called Best Buy again and they still didn't have them in stock. So I went back to the Sprint Store and signed up for a new plan. They even agreed to give me the discount straight off, not as a service credit. Even better, they counted the $50 Sprint Rebate in the discount, so my price before tax was $249. I can still send in the sprint rebate for a total of $200. Pretty good deal for a phone that was $500 6 months ago. The sprint guy asked to keep the Best Buy ad for some reason. Before I left, I confirmed that I could get cancel and return the phone and cancel the plan for any reason within 14 days. Try that on Ebay!

    I then spent a few days playing and making sure the treo worked as expected. It sure is a slick device. I finally have all my data in a portable form. I was amazed as I went through my various addressbooks how old and wrong some of the data is. It's very nice to have it one place and syncing flawlessly with various computers.

    Today I decided I'm definitely keeping it, so I called Sprint to see if I could consolidate my two plans somehow. What I wanted to do was move my treo and my new phone number (because it was a cooler number) to my old plan and drop the plan I just signed up for. Boy "Claire" is annoying. Hint: just say "specialist" at the first prompt to get rid of her and talk to a real person.

    The real person said I couldn't drop my original number because the contract was tied to the number. At first she said I couldn't cancel my new contract, but then she said it was ok because I was in my 14-day "grace period". So, she started the process of moving my treo over to my old plan and cancelling the new one. Then in the middle of it I lost service and dropped the call. Damn, was I going to be able to convince another rep to swap my phones? I called again, thoroughly confused the next rep and he passed me off to someone else (probably his manager) and she agreed to do the swap. Hooray! Moved my treo to my new plan, reprogrammed it with my old number and she cancelled the new plan. Sweet!

    Then I thought about the Vision stuff. My old plan didn't have Vision and it would suck to lose that. So I asked her if I could change my plan to a vision plan and she said yes, but the treo is not a vision phone. What? It says so on the website! She said I had the wireless web, but not vision. Then she started reading something about a vault. I figured I didn't need that right now, so pretended to agree with her and finished the call.

    She said it would take a few hours for the phones to switch, so I waited and they tried them both. My treo was on my old number and my old phone no longer worked. Wow! Better yet, my vision stuff is still working!

    It appears that I just saved $300 on a Treo without changing a thing on my plan. I'm pretty happy. After all this, I do have some questions:

    Question 1: Is there really any difference between the HK version and the non HK version or is it just CC being stupid and they're all HK version? I notice my box does have the SKU HSTR300HK. Maybe the difference is the car charger which seems to be added with a sticker on top of the box.

    Question 2: When I was reprogramming my phone, I noticed there was a checkbox for "Use number portability". Anybody know what this does?

    Question 3: What's the deal with the vision stuff? Is that just all the java applications stuff and not the actual 3G data service? If so, why did they sell me a vision plan at the Sprint Store? Or is my data service going to suddenly shut off soon?

    Thanks to everyone on treocentral for helping me find such a great deal!

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    Congratulations on getting such a great deal on your Treo! I bought mine from Amazon (also HK) in November for $249, but I'm still waiting for my rebate checks from both Sprint and Amazon. In fact my rebates were once mistakenly rejected by Sprint and twice lost by Amazon. I wonder if I'll ever get the money back?

    I guess you could say the Treo both is and isn't a Vision phone. It does take advantage of the Vision network, but it doesn't download ringers, etc the way that other 'vision-enabled' phones do.

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