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    Heading to NYC next week. Would love a good subway and/or street map of Manhatten for the Treo 300. Any recommendations?

    Since I'm not in NYC very much, a free application would be best.
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    for the subway try either iNewYork or Metro with the New York maps

    as far as street maps, I don't know of any good ones that are detailed enough for the entire city (with attractions and places of interest) but if you need a good cross street locator, try x-man ( It will allow you to put in a street address (number & street/Ave) and it will find the intersecting Ave/street -

    FYI - x-man has from 1st St and north only i think
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    here's the link for iNY
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    there are 2 mapquest mobile sites, try them both and see which one you like best
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