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    I like the fact that my wifes phone will turn the LED on the to red to let you know you have missed a call,SMS,voice mail and such. I wonder if it would be hard for someone to write a program that would double flash the LED (say red) to let you know/alert you.

    So if you saw a double pluse red flash LED, you would know you have info waiting verse the green single flash that you normaly see.

    Just thinking outloud, Matt Burkhard
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    I remember reading somewhere that this is not possible. While the phone is in wireless mode, the LED is locked out from other apps. There is a sample app written by Handspring called Indicators on their developers page that shows how an app can control the LED, but again, while not in wireless mode.
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    You might want to check out TreoAlertMgr. While not quite what you were looking for - I'd also like the LED to show voicemail waiting - this program I am finding pretty handy. If you have a VM it keeps reminding you with an alarm tone and/or vibrate until you acknowledge the VM by either listening or tapping the ok button. I am using it in the trial mode right now and will almost certainly buy it. I think it is $10. Available on Handango.
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    Dougef,Yea, I saw the Treo Alret manager and I may look into it a little more. Thanks for the feedback.

    Appleman, When you sau wireless mode, I assume you mean when the phone is on? When you have the phone on the charger, the led goes to solid red, then green when fully charged. I guess that is a function of the phone then? I would be happy with voicemail and or missed call which should be a "phone" app too?
    Thanks, Matt Burkhard
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    Yes, I mean when the phone is on. I thought about the charger part when I wrote the original post, but I do not know enough about it to properly explain it. I just remember reading about it on this forum, or somewhere within the technical papers or the developers section on Handspring.
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    TreoAlertManger (PDAapps) works like a champ for both voice mails and SMS messages. I wouldn't be without it.
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    This is another example of a feature that Sprint and/or Handspring should have included in the Treo from the start. I've never had a cell phone that didn't remind you that you had a voice mail!

    This is especially important in NYC, for people who spend part of the work day in the subway or in office buildings that do not have good reception. Now, if I don't remember to look at my Treo when regaining reception, I might never know I have a voice mail.

    I just hate that I have to spend extra money on something that should have been included!
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    Originally posted by mattynyc10
    This is especially important in NYC, for people who spend part of the work day in the subway or in office buildings that do not have good reception.
    As opposed to other major metropolitan areas with the exact same conditions. ;-)

    My wife has a simple Nokia phone with AT&T service, and I was shocked to get a call from her on Saturday from an underground San Francisco BART station. I commute on BART every day, and Sprint can't do that trick - I'm assuming that AT&T cut some kind of deal to get access points in the tunnels. Does anyone in the SF bay area know anything about this? Is Sprint looking into it?
    Peter Campbell *

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