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    Every now and then my 270 get no radio signal and I have to switch it off and then on again and then it is OK until it happen again. (With and without GPRS)
    Is there a program that will give me some sort of a tone when it happens so I can switch it off and on again, because the only indication I have is the red blinking light??
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    after cleaning my SIM card (just pulling it out and rubbing it over my trousers a few times) the problem disappeared temporarily.

    I had the feeling that it had something to do with me carrying my Treo 270 around a lot in my trouser's pockets and some fabric comes between the SIM card contacts and the Treo's contact lids.

    Might be esoteric, might be right, you might want to give it a try... Actually, before my Treo I owned a Nokia 9110 Communicator, and whenever its display went blank, I gave it a hard slap with my hand and some contacts re-wired and the display worked again. It is a mechanical world anyway, even if they want us to think digital-only :-)

    Good luck, Marcus

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