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    Just checked and it mentioned some new phone rebates at Amazon. The Sidekick can now be had for FREE and the Samsung i330 for $270 after rebates. They didn't mention the Treo 300 but I crossed my fingers and headed over there. Sadly, the same old deal was still in effect ($350 after rebates).

    BTW, can anyone (CC employees, I'd imagine) shed any light on the fact that my local Circuit City Express store (a small version of Circuit City which is in a mall) is selling the Treo 300 at essentially the same price as Best Buy ($299 - $50 rebate for new activations) but when I call other full-size CC stores in my area, they tell me the price is $499. I wonder why there would be differing prices among them? No biggie, just curious.

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    Perhaps to entice people to the mall. Malls are dying as Walmart takes over the world.

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