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    Just got a new laptop computer and I downloaded the Palm Desktop software from the Handspring website. Unfortunately I have misplaced the CD that came with my Treo :-( I figured that the software that is downloadable for the Handspring site must be the same anyway.

    I have installed the software and the outlook conduit but there is no option for syncing e-mails ! There are only options for calendar, contacts, tasks and notes. So, where is the e-mail option ? I have this on my desktop at home. This is very strange. Am I missing something ?

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    You can't use the generic palm desktop software available on the web site. You have to use the software that came on the CD with your Treo. It's not the same as a regular Palm device.

    In any case, you'll need to choose an e-mail program for your Treo (Why did you get the Treo if not for this purpose ?). I'd suggest BaseJet ( if your a corporate user, or SnapperMail ( if you're a stand-alone user (POP3).
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    Figured this out. The e-mail configuration is done via the sync icon and then custom. So, it is all working again.

    KKenna: The desktop from the Handspring web site is don't need the CD. Also, there are many reasons for getting the Treo..not just e-mail.

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