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    OK, I have a real strange one. I've had Palms for at least 5 years, and this has never happened to me. I've got a Treo300, synch just about every day with my PC. Use standard synch program that comes with it. Just noticed today that Datebook+ was not synchronizing with my Outlook Calendar anymore. Went into the Log, found that the last time it synched was two days ago. Everything else synchs just fine (all other programs, etc.). So, I went into Hotsynch on my PC, looked at what programs were synching with what (under "Custom"), and found that Datebook was no longer even in there! Just disappeared off the synch list! Can't figure out how to get it back on the synch list (if I can do that, I can tell it to synch with Outlook, like before). Outlook is still on my PC, Datebook+ is still on my Treo, its just that the Treo doesn't even know that it's supposed to synch Datebook with anything. Kinda strange, that it would just stop like that. Anyone got any ideas?

    Thanks in advance...
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    If you're syncing to Outlook, you must be using the PocketMirror conduits, right? If so, you won't see a "datebook" conduit listed in the HotSync manager... it will be called "Outlook Calendar".

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    Unfortunately, there is no "Outlook Calendar", either. Outlook Contacts, Outlook Tasks, Outlook Notes, yes. Outlook Calendar, no.

    Any other ideas?
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    Sent an email to Palm support (Handspring wasn't much help)...pretended to have an old Palm V. They came back pretty quickly...said that the conduit manager software had gotten corrupted, and to reinstall. Reinstalled from my Treo300 CD, and, presto! There it was back where it belonged. Problem solved. Seems to be working fine now.

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