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    I currently have a visor edge but want to move up to more memory and a color screen. I am considering the treo 90 and the sony sj30. If anyone has any opinions I would sure a like them?

    Two things I need.
    1. I need to backup onto an onboard card and recover it easily without having to buy more software.

    2. I work with tinysheet4 (spreadsheet) alot and wonder if anyone uses it with either pda.

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    I'm thinking seriously of getting a Treo 90 right now to replace my Visor Deluxe. I had actually played with one for a coupla weeks last summer, but I had to return it since the timing wasn't good for me to get it last year.

    I loved the unit -- the best thing, of course, was the keyboard, but it did have a great screen as well. The flipcover was also great. But I think you have to compare these two units mostly on the keyboard (or lack of one), since I think the SJ30 would beat the 90 in several other areas, specifically the Sony's screen, which is high resolution.

    Backing up the Treo 90 to an SD card is easy and free with the program called BackupBuddyVFS:Free, which you can get from I'd assume it would work on the Sony as well, with its memory stick.

    I loved having a keyboard, by the way, even though I'm pretty fast with graffitti. It's just a lot nicer when you want to do a lot of writing, and the way Handspring set it up (and with the addition of a few key pieces of software, i.e., hacks) you can make the keyboard pretty much able to handle most navigation tasks, although you'll still have to yank out the stylus for the occasional check-box or pull-down menu. But you can get really good with the keyboard, and then it's basically 90% of the navigation that can be done w/o the stylus.

    If you want a keyboard, though, Sony has a new device coming out that looks like the 90 -- it's supposedly gonna be called the TG-50, or something like that. I read about it on palminfocenter last week, so it may be worth waiting to see how it compares with the 90, although I really doubt that Sony could/would make the keyboard as easy to use as Handspring did. I guess one idea would be to check out the keyboards on Sony's current clamshell models, but I haven't done that yet.

    Have fun deciding!
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    My Treo 90 Thumboard is the feature that's made me the happiest. The 90 screen is 12bit low res where the sony is 16 bit hi res. You'll probably find that photos look better on the sony and graphics look more bold on the 90.

    Another thing to consider is battery life. The 90 runs 4 hours straight a full brightness. The sony is not as bright and many have said the sony's battery lasts about 2 hours with the backlight on.
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    I bought my Treo back in October, and compared directly to the Sony.
    The Sony screen is nice, but the Treo screen is also very good in my opinion. Other than what has been mentioned in the previous posts, a couple of plusses for the Treo for me were a much better stylus, (The Sony stylus is very thin), and the Alarms on the Treo are much louder than the Sony unit. The Sony Alarm sound is weak even at the highest setting. I do not use a spreadsheet program. Good luck in your choice.
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    I think the new sony clie tg50 would be your best compromise
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    The tg50 looks like a very nice unit (OS5), but I haven't seen a price on it yet.
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    I have noticed two sites that look like they are taking orders or going to take orders for the sony tg50. The price is around 400. Considering I can get a treo 90 + 64MB SD card for around 200 I don't think the price difference is worth it to me.
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    I guess one issue is, now that I have SDs, I really don't want to go over to MemorySticks. I think I saw that the 50 is 200mhz like the other OS5 sonys. That's really fast.

    Also, Sony has their own interface, which is drastically different than Palm's that comes with the Tungsten. Guess I'll have to wait until best buy has a working demo to give it a try.
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    I like my Treo 90 a lot. If you spend a lot of time with spreadsheets (which I don't) you might find the keyboard to be very nice (which I also do). Make sure you look at the screens. I am happy with the Treo 90, but some people find the bright spot in the upper right corner to be very distracting. I don't know about the Sony, but don't plan on being able to see anything on the Treo screen in direct sunlight. If you want to look at photos, the resolution and bitdepth of the Sony make it a clear winner. Otherwise, I don't find the Treo screen limiting.

    (All utility programs mentioned below are non-hack freeware. While I can't promise anything, my Treo has been very stable running all these. None of these is Treo-specific, but they are all things I didn't need on my Visor Deluxe.)

    You will need software other than that that comes with the Treo in order to take advantage of the SD card. I like Filez for that. The flip cover is nice, but it leaves the launch buttons exposed so that if you carry it in your pocket, it may turn on and run down your battery. Disable Buttons prevents that. Another problem common to Palm OS 4 devices is that IR receive turns itself on every now and then, speeding up battery drain. IROff prevents that. Buttons-T is another must have for the Treo: it allows second meanings to be assigned to the launch buttons in conjunction with the function key. If you want graffiti as well as keyboard entry, get RecoEcho Plus 1.1 free from Handspring.

    One other utility you may find useful is Button Launch. I mention this in connection with the Treo because the more you use the keyboard, the more you want to do things with buttons. This clever program allows you to launch many programs using buttons, without the overhead of a launcher or the risks of a hack.

    There are many hacks designed to allow you to use the keyboard for stylus tasks such as selecting buttons in apps. I don't use them.

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