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    Has anyone tried treomail and groupwise (v. 6 or otherwise) and made it work? I'd like to remotely access my groupwise email on my treo 300. please let me know how you did it, if you got it to work. thank you!
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    Depends on how you want to access it. Through the webmail interface using Blazer works, but not the greatest. If you have access to POP3, you can pop the mail off the server using any number of e-mail clients (search on here). There is also a Web Clipping PQA that is supposedly generated when the server is installed. Search on here for info regarding web clippings.

    Also, ask your IT person for options.
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    I can't use blazer bc firm does not use proxy (over even IMAP). I've tried Snappermail and it does not work with Groupwise at all. I'd like to try it with TreoMail, and see if that works.

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