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    Hey has anyone heard about Sprint saying that they can deliver video streamed to all Vision phones? I can't seem to find a link anywhere on their website, but here is a press release that they released just a few hours ago:

    Let me know.. this would be cool!
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    j2me sounds like something that will work on all vision phones except vision smartphones, however I hope they will have something concrete worked out by the time the i700 comes along.
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    Anyone heard of a timetable for the I700????, it is really nice to have the possibility of streaming news on your pocket pc while you are waiting for an appointment or just streaming international radion while you are working.

    I have seen the T Mobile Pocket Pc Phone edition in action and this feature is really nice.
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    Actually, I believe we should be able to use the video streaming or any j2me app via MIDP:

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    I doubt it very much that you ca do video streaming on a TREO as I believe a faster chipset. Games like 3D Startfighter can show why?
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    "1KTV delivers TV style news, information and entertainment, on demand, wherever you go, to JAVA-based cellular phones and wireless-enabled PDAs at extremely low data-rates. Our proprietary technology allows users to gain the rich media experience promised by future 3G networks on today’s existing 2G and 2.5G infrastructures. 1KTV successfully runs on all major U.S. cellular networks."
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    Oops... Posted too soon...
    Looks like only PocketPC
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    its in slideshow format

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