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    Hey - I did a search for this in all of the forums and just found some ancillary comments. I thought I'd save my fellow 300 owners some sweat if you're considering this brand of protector.

    This is a direct link to the page for Handspring products. The Treo 180 (non-g) ones do fit the 300.

    What do you get when you order? A standard #10 envelope, shipped from Canada with instructions, two protectors in a small ziploc bag and a static-free cloth to wipe down your Treo and the protector. Mine took about a week and a half to arrive.

    What's the installation process? The instructions seem overly detailed, but that's good. About seventy-four times, they say, "make sure there is NO DUST on your Treo or on the screen protector!!" This is actually pretty important. Even after I meticulously dusted and dusted, when I finally got the protector installed, I found some tiny dust trapped between it and the screen. I thought I did everything I could to avoid this... but the one thing I didn't do was a full "wet" cleaning of the screen. That probably would have worked better. However, the dust that is there on mine isn't evident when the backlighting is on (which is all the time that I am using the Treo!)

    When you remove the G2 from the ziploc bag, the instructions tell you to use a piece of tape to remove the protective coating from it. I thought it was interesting that there is only protective coating on one side of the protector... and that this is eventually the side that you will write on, not the site that touches your Treo screen. Regardless, this protective layer (just a fine film of clear plastic) didn't come off with any tape I had laying around in my junk drawer. I flicked the corner with my thumbnail until it looked like it was starting to loosen and then used a razor blade to catch the corner of the film. Once you've got that, it just peels off. Again... there's no adhesive that remains on the protector... you just have a clear piece of plastic.

    The VERY interesting feature of these G2's is that they go on under the bezel of your Treo. You slip one corner in, then slide it around and do another, then slide the whole thing in. This is fairly easy to do, but on my 300, the top of the screen has no room under the top of the bezel. If you follow the instructions that come with the protectors, start out with your Treo upside-down (not face down... turn it so the buttons are at the top) and insert your first corner into the corner by the "o" and "p" keys.

    Do not, however, push it all the way down until it stops against the keyboard under the bezel. I did and my digitizer stopped functioning!! This is the point where I started sweating and thought "oh crap! I killed it!" At first I thought it was the protector not letting the pen make contact with the screen, but when I shifted the protector as far up as possible to the top of the screen, it started working again. I hope I didn't dislodge any important electronics in the process.

    How does it work? It's VERY clear - more so by a long shot than the belkin protectors I used on the Visor Prism I had before my Treo. Now that I have it in its proper place, it doesn't seem to be sliding around or having any other odd behaviors.

    Would I recommend them? Probably. For me, the plusses were - not having to fool with gluey protectors and credit card-like applicators. However, the G2 is definately pricey, and since I just installed them, I have no track record. At this point, I am happy with my purchase. And now, I don't have to worry about hearing that awful scratching noise when your stylus catches the screen surface just wrong and you think "aaaaaaaaah! my screen!!!!"

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    i ordered the screen protector and installed it in my treo 270 but to my dismay, besides having a dirt under the protector, it kept on pressing on the top part of the screen making the menus fulls down automatically when you move the flip lid, i guess the protector was too thick enough when you use this G2 protector. So i settle on using the Brando protector.
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    I tried the G2 on my clie. I didn't like it at all. In fact, because the protector doesn't hold and can move a scratched my screen (apparently I didn't get all of the dust out.). I was very angry and quickly ditched the G2

    Luckily, I found the brando screen protectors. They are a hard plastic protector (like the G2) as opposed to vinyl BUT they do use an very mild washable adhesive. They ROCK. I have used brando's ever since the G2 fiasco. I have one on my treo screen and the outside window. and you can't tell it is there.

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