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    I will be getting a Treo 270 later this week, and should have a testable version of Chatter by sometime next week. Anyone interested in late-alpha testing this, please send an email to

    - Marc
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    The Treo 270 has landed. I already like this more than the Treo 300 with Sprint. As soon as T-Mobile comes up with better data-oriented plans and appropriate discounts, it will almost certainly be the better choice. IMO, of course...

    - Marc
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    hey marc, what makes the 270 better than the 300? i'm considering leaving sucky-*** sprint for att or tmobile eventually. what are the differences and what is better or worse about the 270? thanx dude!
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    Well, I've only had the phone for a day, but the following jump out at me:

    1) Customer service folks are friendly and knowledgable. It took only two minutes to get to a wireless data rep who helped me get up and going with the GPRS upgrade.

    2) The website works. Something that can never be said for Sprint.

    3) The data connection really appears to be persistent. In the last 18 hours, I believe I've been constantly connected to the data network.

    Obviously, I'll know more when I've started playing with Chatter on the 270 (later this weekend).

    So far, I'm very impressed....

    - m

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