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    For all you coders out there, here's an idea on building your own IM Service->SMS and e-mail->IM-Service gateway.

    Gaim (a linux and now win32) IM client that basically supports every protocol on the planet has the ability to write plugins in both C and perl. The plugin model works based on events (So you can specify actions to occur when ever a specific event occurs, such as incoming im).

    so what can one do? one can leave gaim up at home, and have it forward all incoming IMs to your treo via the e-mail sms gateway (perhaps w/ some smarts to split up messages into parts).

    That's part 1 (and the easier part), getting the messages to you. But one would also want to be able to reply.

    I believe, one could also set up a gaim plugin to send messages on the fly, so if you could create a way of e-mailing your gaim (say using procmail to run a script that somehow connects to the gaim plugin), and have some sort of cmd language that told it who to send the im as, you could probably get a pretty decent im session going.

    Reason I mention gaim is b/c of the multiple protocols it supports, but one could possibly cook up something similar w/ jabber or perhaps right their own single im service basing it off one of the text mode im clients for the specific protocols.

    anyways just an idea for you guys.
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    ummmm, functionality seems to already be there:

    free, too.
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    Sounds like a lot of work for a pretty kludgey system, though. You would either have to really hate PDAApps, or not place a lot of value on your time to do this. I mean, after all, we are just talking $24 here, right? $49.95 for a life time subscription?
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    Originally posted by JohnQ4
    ummmm, functionality seems to already be there:

    free, too.
    great find for AIM addicts!
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    Their support tells me MSN, Yahoo and ICQ support is on the way. Sounded like it might be a couple months out. They also said they have no plans to ever charge for it and said there were a bunch of new features and updates in the works. Looking forward to seeing how it all works out.

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