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    I am hoping you all can help me on a few things:

    1) I can't access my Sprint email via my treo. I can get to the acount via a PC, but when I try to log on with the Treo it just displays "my planner" and no matter how many times I click on it, it just says "my planner". I've also been told I can get to it via '@SprintPCS' but I can't figure out where this is?


    2) I have a Yahoo email account I'd like to access, along with Bank of America accounts. Blazer v2.something, doesn't work. Is there one that does works?

    3) Is there an "_" key anywhere on the Treo keyboard. I can't find it, and I like to think I'm reasonably intelligent, but thought maybe I was missing something.

    4) Has anyone used the Wireless Web program on a desktop PC with Win98 and a Serial connection? (I would have to get a USB to Serial converter)?


    Bill K.
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    I never really understood (1) myself to tell you the truth, I hope somebody else answers that one.

    As for (2), if you were willing to upgrade (i.e. pay for) your Yahoo mail acct you could access the mail via a pop3 server. However, even that is not necessary, as you can access your mail through Blazer by going to the PDA friendly Yahoo homepage <> and logging on. (BTW, this link is on your PCS Web homepage under "Web Portals"; I suggest looking through these links, I discovered several useful ones this way). The PDA Yahoo automatically splits up the mail email messages into pages about the size of a PDA screen; I find it to work well.

    As for (3) you type a dash ("-" , opt + F) then hit the "..." key which will open a drop down menu with the underscore ("_") as the first choice.

    As for (4) I have not used Wireless Modem with Windows (I have a Mac, and it works wonderfully--I registered the first day), but there is plenty of discussion of it on this thread:


    Good Luck,
    --Mathew Lu

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