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    I'm about to purchase papi-mail because it seems to be the only mail client that supports IMAP, which I use with my account. I want to pay 10-20 and I see snappermail is like $7,937,123 and doesn't support IMAP...

    Comments? Suggestions?
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    I'm currently using SnapperMail with my .mac account, and true no IMAP (yet) although the developer has had several request for this feature and I'm sure we will see it in soon.

    I have tried several other email apps, and while they do work, they have a crappie interface. I do like SnapperMail the best, so I'm going to hold on for IMAP support. Also the developer is nice to work with. If you have any question go to his site and ask away.
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    I am also using SnapperMail to access my .mac account. Works very well. They are working on IMAP support, and offer very good support, very responsive.

    - Rich
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    Thanks for the nice posts guys - sadly, Snappermail is too expensive for me.

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