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    Does anyone know of any way to install PRC/PDB files without a cable of any kind?

    I'd like to be able to download a PRC/PDB and install direct from the Internet. (Via www or ftp).

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    There at least a couple of ways to do it. You can use Xiino and download a .prc/.prd file and when clicked will be passed to the installer. You could also e-mail the files to yourself and assuming your Treo e-mail client can read .prc/.prd attachments, these will be passed along to the installer.
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    You may also beam a file to your device. I do that from my Linux box because I can't get USB working
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    Unfortunately, my laptop doesn't have IR.. it's got USB (and it works).. but no IR.
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    I have found a very useful freeware that can fit your needs.
    LGet the downloader is not a browser, just a downloader.
    Just type the shortcut to the file you want to download, and get it.
    It works for PRC/PDB but also for any kind of file.
    I use it to update my currency database for Currex.

    Also from the home page above mentionned, there's an other utility called LFtp which seems to be the same as LGet but for FTP. (LGet is only for http download)

    Note that to make my download works with LGet I had to activate the debug mode from the option menu, it's quite slow but a PRC or PDB is generally not too big.
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