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    I bought my Treo 270 about 7 months ago. The touch screen died last week, and I sent my unit back to Handspring for a full refund.
    Now, I'm unsure whether to get a Treo 270 or to migrate to a T-mobile PocketPCPhone.
    I'd appreciate views and comments from PocketPcPhone owners.
    Also, do PocketPcPhone owners have a forum like Treo users do?
    Thanks very much!
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    If you can wait for a few months (4-6 Months) then you will get a better PPC than the XDA with BT, SDIO, Built-in Cam... etc.

    But if you can not wait then Go for the XDA, Toshiba PPC or Samsung SPH-i700 if you are in US...

    In fact Treo is very good, But it does not have:
    - SDIO/MMC
    - BT
    - MP3, WAV...

    This my personal opinion, Best regards,,,

    Also check here:

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