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    My 3rd Treo's speaker died about a month ago.
    The previous two replaced Treos' problems were far worse than that.

    Anyway, inspired by the NZmoko's HFL project, I decided to take the matter into my own hands.

    I now have a fully operational Treo, no more dangling headset !

    Now the details:

    All you need is a good wire. I used an old headset that had a 2-tube wire, each tube containing two wire threads.

    OK, remove the lid cover first - I did it just with a Swiss knife,
    starting from the bottom (at the hinge) and working my way
    CAREFULLY all the way up.

    See photo:
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    then pull out the speaker wire.

    Amazing how crappy this wire is for a 600$ device !
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    then open the Treo itself, the wire connection is on the back side of the board.

    The wire is connected by a small plug.
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    Now take the replacement wire. I took a headset 2-tube wire and split the tubes. 1 tube is enough for the fix - it has 2 wire threads in it.

    Unsolder the old wire from the speaker.
    Solder the new wire to the speaker.
    Pass the new wire through the hinge (easy!!!)

    Now I didn't want to mess with the small connector and just soldered the new wire to the old wire.

    I cut the new wire too long - you can make it much shorter.
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    Now pull the wire to make sure it fits in the lid,

    then glue back the lid cover and you're done !!!

    No more sending your beloved Treo back and forth to HS !
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    well done, ur braver than i am! shame the lid didn't just pop off and you could get rid of it....
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    Awesome job, 2 questions:

    1) What is that circular object next to the speaker in the 1st picture? Magnet?

    2) Any pictures of the lid glued back on? I wanna see how well it held up to being taken off, then glued back on.

    Again, good work.
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    Originally posted by Appleman
    Awesome job, 2 questions:

    1) What is that circular object next to the speaker in the 1st picture? Magnet?
    Yes, its a magnet (works as the on/off switch when you
    open/close the lid

    2) Any pictures of the lid glued back on? I wanna see how well it held up to being taken off, then glued back on.

    Again, good work.
    I would also like to see some pics of how it looks like when its all together in one piece. Great instruction.
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    OK, here it is glued back.

    You can see the lower right part (near the 'treo' logo) sticking out a little near the hinge.

    I could really glue it in the way you couldn't tell it was opened at all, but again - I just put a few drops of the glue to make it
    easy for me to open the cover next time
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    Great job BO.

    Do you wanna come work for me? Better still, I'll come and work for you
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    Oh wait, one more question. What kind of glue?
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    just the regular 'Super-Glue' kind
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    i am impressed
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    Originally posted by borisbob
    just the regular 'Super-Glue' kind
    Ok, the "super" stuff, now I get it

    I just wanted to see if you used any fancy stuff like loc-tite or something.
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    Could you actually see where the damage was on the wire that caused the speaker to go out?

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    thanks borisbob. you gave me the courage i needed and now i too repaired my dead speakerphone :-))))))))))
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    So lemme get this straight, because I just had my speaker die on me...

    1. Carefully remove the little plastic thing above the speaker
    2. Cut the red/black wire before it enters in the treo and remove the wire from the hinge
    3. Open the treo and unplug the already cut wire from the inside
    4. Unsolder the old wire from the speaker
    5. Cut part of the wire from an old handspring headset
    6. Solder that wire to the speaker
    7. Solder the other end to the old wire and plug back inside the treo
    8. Replace the little plastic cover thingy

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    i WANTED to do this, but i just was a chicken about it. i may not be a genius, but i'm a coward!
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    dont cut the any wire yet - you will be able to unplug it from inside the device and you will not need to unsolder from inside the treo. here's how the wires are connected:

    you'll probably have to solder it wire to wire like i did.

    and as for cables - it doesn't have to be handspring headset. i used audio wires that go from the cdrom player to the soundcard. they are a bit thicker and therefore hopefully more robust.

    wish you luck
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    To Jinx: Way to go !!!

    To: Liketreo:

    You can see the damage to the wire at the photos I posted previously. It was just CUT in two. I didn't just even needed to cut it.

    To: Hob0JunGL

    You need to pass the new wire through the hinge before soldering it to the other part connected to the board
    (after the step no. 6 and before the step no. 7 in your sequence)
    I used an old non-Handspring handset. I guess any would do.

    To Expostdelirium:
    It's REALLY much easier than you think. I'm really not that good in fixing things, it's no rocket science, just soldering couple of wires together

    To: Nzmoko:

    How's your keyboard backlight project going ?
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