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    I did too. Many thanks for the illustrative images. I was contemplating what to do with my second Treo since I live in Jordan and did not want to ship again to the US. You actually gave me the courage to open the cover and copy you in taking the matter into my own hands. I am struck by how easy it was to repalce the wire. I used part of a nokia head set. for those who compalin of other Troe problems, I think you should go ahead and open the cover. I immediately tought of those who had loose stylus problem. you may be able to repalce the battery too, ...etc.

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    I just had my speaker go out within the last week and decided, rather than risk getting a refurbished unit from T-Mobile with even worse, problems, to do the speaker wire repair myself.

    Success!!!! :-)

    The speaker is working again and the unit is back in one piece (just need to wait for the glue to dry), hooray! Thanks to all of you pioneers who showed the rest of us how this could be done. :-)
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    First of all, thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. The instructions have been very helpful.

    I took my 180 apart and saw the broken wire. Now I think I've fixed everything except the speaker still doesn't work. I was able to remove most of the solder and melted plastic from the speaker but I can't see that there are any specific contacts on the speaker to solder the wires.

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    khmmm, strange.

    have you actually taken out the speaker from the lid ?

    the contacts should really stick out when you're looking
    at it's back...

    Maybe try another speaker (say from a regular line phone)
    just to check your wire is OK ?

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    I've read through this thread extensively but have an issue that I am unsure about. My speaker works fine, but my treo mic will only work if the headset is plugged in. And then the headset mic will not work. I've plugged and unplugged a bunch of times, reset, disabled hacks, but I am sure it is a bent pin or something. Basically I wanted your opinion on opening my 270 up or not. I have had this unit over a year with zero problems and am reluctant to send it back and get one back with more problems than what i currently have.

    In a nutshell I feel dumb looking like an ***** with my headset in to hear while talking into the treo.

    thanks for your input...

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    I would think it's some kind of a problem in the headset connector.

    What can I say?! 270's are much less problematic than 180's,
    so if yours is still on warranty I would send it back.

    If not - what do you have to loose anyway ?
    Open it up, just be carefull, don't force anything.

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    Thank you -- I lost the speaker in the full open position last week and could only hear if I held the lid slightly open in speaker phone mode. I started futzing around inside and found that the wires were caught and being pinched in the hardware that opened the flip-up. The black wire broke fully apart after I poked at it to release it from the hinge--what a poor design!

    I'm waiting for the 600, but didn't want to/couldn't go without a phone for the next few months so that's when I started surfing for help and found this site and your thread. I believe my treo was one of the very first sold on Handspring's site: I bought it in early February. It's different from the ones described, because mine didn't break at the speaker, and mine had an extra 3-4mm of black wire wrapped around the red wire in the base next to the connector. I was able to fix mine by prying up only the left hand side of the cover plate on the flip-up and poking the extra wire back up through to the flip-up so the two could be soldered. Poking the wire up through that hole from the base was not easily done and I had to do it twice because it fell back through when I was putting the base back together the first time.

    Thanks for discussion -- I was looking for confirmation that the problem was a wire and not the chip or board.


    Becki Bump (yes, it is my real name!)
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    My beloved Treo 180 was recently hit by the Dead Speaker Syndrome.

    I made notes about, and took pictures of, the steps I took to remedy the problem. They parallel the discussion here, and might be of some use to folks who want more instructions.

    Here they are.

    Feedback appreciated; email link is at the bottom of each of my web pages.
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    Thanks bob. Fixed my treo in 30 minutes using your procedure.
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    ... worked well, my black treo speaker cable was cut it two. And what is more interesting, now I do not have the problem with the Speakerphone mode, as previously the person I was calling could hear him/her in his telephone. Now the speaker works even better, the sound is clear and loud!! Thanks, amazing effect!
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    Is there two different speakers on the 180? My lid-speaker is dead but the unit still rings and the alarms are still working.
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    yeah they are different. i did that fix on my 180 - worked like a charm. i found some ultra fine stranded wire at a model airplane site. $3.50 worth is enough to fix two phones!
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    Read this with interest, as my mike is also not working unless I plug in the headset is the headset jack socket at fault - not the speaker wire broken?

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    nope that's a classic sympton. it's not the jack it's the speaker wire that is broken...
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    Thanks for the reply. my 270 must be over 2 years old and I (geek that I am) am looking for an excuse to go rushing out for a new T600 phone.

    However as the 270 has been out for a while I am waiting as surely there will be a next generation phone soon - a Treo with better camera/screen GPS etc and I had better wait for that as I will be fed up if I buy a T600 only to have a new T700? come out in 3 months?

    Thanks for advice.
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    I have the problem that I cannot hear anything on the first 10 or 20 seconds when I receive calls, this started long ago, (I just recently fixed my flipper and noticed that the magnet on the left side of the speaker was kind of tilted towards the left, I dont know if this is somehow related) I don't know what is causing hearing problem!!!

    I dont know if it is a software issue, or if some metallic material inside the speaker needs time to Warm Up, or if the magnet needs to be changed, I dont have an idea of what's causing that problem. (I dont think the cables are loose because they seem to be fine, but maybe that is REALLY the problem, the weird thing is that the problem only lasts about 10 or 20 seconds) I dont think its reception either because even if i move to get a stronget signal it doesnt seem to get better.

    I hate not being able to hear anything!!! I could really use some help!! Thank you!!!
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    I seem to remember this problem with my 270 ages ago. I can not remember what fixed it. Possibly a new software update?

    the only other funny thing with the 270 is that if you start anSMS message then don't send it it goes into a "pending" box. This then has the effect of starting the treo up every couple of minutes or so. To fix this delete the unsent SMS or send it.

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    I need help!!! I fixed my speaker today, replacing the old wires with new ones. But the problem is that now that I tried to use the phone functionality again, whenever I dial a number, the call is not completed, it does not even ring. And another thing when I want to use the little pencil to touch the buttons, it does not do anything unless I press very hard on the back side of the treo.

    The new cables connecting the speaker and the terminal are kind of tight inside the treo, the black top cover, where we have the on/off and ringer buttons has a little bump. I don't know if this has anything to do with the problems. I'm going to open it again and try to get rid of that bump, but I would really appreciate comments on this if anybody has dealt with something similar. Thanks.
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    Nice !!
    I m Mr.Right
    treolover: treo 180 - >treo 270 ->treo 600
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    is the speaker working though? you didn't say if it was. you don't want to squeeze delicate components together, that's for sure...
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