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    Would i be able to use a wire from a regular set of headphones/earbuds for use with cd players etc.?
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    any cable will do - they just got to fit through the hinge
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    Thanks 'borisbob' for your courage!

    I followed your procedure on my Treo's dead speaker as well, and now it is fixed. I didn't want to spoil my headset for a tube, so I took two 0.5 mm wires and stripped one so they could fit into the lid without making contact.

    Thanks again!
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    Dang! I wish I would have read this thread before I sent back the 2 treos to handspring. I would have practiced on them, without messing up my new one
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    damn i need a soldering gun...never done this before...

    any tips/advice?
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    for me too, it was the first time i soldered. its as easy as you think it is. one learns a lot, owning and maintaining a treo :-)
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    one last there a difference between the red and black wires in the treo. or can i just solder parts of the same headset wire to both of them.
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    the wires are the same, the colours just enable you to figure out which wire is to be soldered where. i haven't tried mixing them up, but maybe it doesn't matter, but better not experiment with mixing them up. looks like you're going for it. wish you luck.
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    thanks, i just need to buy/borrow a soldering iron/gun first...
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    Hey Boris an all.

    Mazel-Tov for the fixed units...

    luckily, I don't have that problem yet, but I am intrested to be able to use my Treo180 while the Lid is closed (rather then removing it ...).

    Did anyone find a small replacement Speaker ?
    I am looking for one which could be added either inside the lid / body.
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    you can remove the magnet from inside the lid to simulate a lid-open state all the time. the problems you will face will be accepting an incoming call withought opening the lid - although this might be solved be pressing some hard button. as for speaker membranes - look inside the lid - all you have to do is connect an appropriate one and maybe you'll have to punch some holes on the outside of the lid for it to be comfortably audible when the lid is closed. and then another potential problem comes to mind - the microphone hole is blocked when the lid is closed. so basically, its not too good an idea. try sawing off the lid and sticking the speaker somehere else appropriate, like many have done, if you are very keen on phoning without having to open the lid and headsetless.

    hmmm...... just ideas . have a look into the inside of the lid and you'll see what i mean.
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    wish I still had my original Treo, that worked great other than the dead speaker. Since then I've had nothing but trouble with the refurbs, They are now sending me my 3rd one. If I ever get a good one again, I'll fix it myself. Thanks!!!!
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    Did u guys just melt and join the wires together or did u use actual solder?
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    you'll need a pretty high temperature to get the wires to melt - i'd advise you to use solder.
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    Im getting nervous. Borrowing a soldering iron from a friend. Jinx, wanna tell me how to do this cause I never soldered before. Ill give u all the credit if it works...
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    its easy. i did it for the first time myself. make sure that the the tip of the soldering apparatus is as thin as possible, use very little solder, avoid big drops and be very careful about not spilling anywhere inside the treo. i plugged off the wires completely to be able to do the job far away from the treo. and as for the speaker membrane inside the lid (where i also soldered), i was surprised as to how much heat it was able to survive. my treo sounds a bit more tinny than it used to, i think (oh, it was so long back that i last heard my speakerphone), but i am very pleased with my job. remember, try and use as thick wires as possible and make sure that they are nice and long and a little bit looped here and there, so that they aren't easily strained due to lid usage. once well repaired, the gadget will be better and more robust than the any new treo. and believe me, its a good feeling to have repaired a treo, it just sounds sweeter and you'll like your treo all the more.
    wish you steady hands and luck
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    .... and one more thing. make sure that the naked wires are insulated using some sort of fine tape. i used some not very sticky tape, because when summer comes, i fear, too much gum might tend to spread around - and that could have pretty nasty results.
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    >a good feeling to have repaired a treo, it just sounds sweeter >and you'll like your treo all the more.

    It certainly does !

    Hey, Hob0JunGL

    If you haven't done it yet - maybe a little practice
    with just a couple of wires will help, it will build up your
    confidence for sure !

    Good luck !
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    hehe thanks guys
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    i cant do this...

    i got the speaker lid off but thats about it

    the wires were damaged.
    i cut out the damaged part
    i opened the treo, but for some reason can only take the back off, not the front
    im using a wire cut from a set of cd-player headphones, and i cant even fit one through the hinge
    i cant even solder two cut wires together
    ive already voided my warranty


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