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    I have read that if you are accessing the wireless web using Blazer, any call during that time would go straight to voicemail. In testing this out, I found erratic results, but most of the time, I could receive a call as long as the call came in when I was not downloading a page. If I was in the middle of receiving a page, it would usually go straight to voicemail, though a couple of times I got a recorded message that all circuits were busy or my call could not go through. Has anyone else determined when you are or are not able to take a call in the middle of a Blazer web session?
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    There are lots of threads about this.... But the simple answer is that you cannot receive a voice call while the data connection is active (green horizontal arrows in the signal strength indicator). This is NOT the same as simply being "in" Blazer with the data connection "idle" (grey arrows), which is why your results have appeared erratic.

    - m

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