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    I'm having trouble receiving and making calls. I work in Baltimore and would figure the service there is OK. I get terrible reception and have not gone through one phone call over a minute without the handset dropping the call. But, of course I have aone year contract and can't cancel. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM?
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    I am in Tucson, AZ.

    No problems here.
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    I travel back and forth between MD and NJ. I haven't had any reception lags or call-dropping.
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    A friend had similiar problems. Some of them being:
    1. Phone going into SOS service only mode
    2. Not receiving calls, or dropping calls
    3. Phone rolling over to Cingular roaming service

    What was interesting was that I could stand next to her, and my same model was fine.

    She called Handspring and through some hoops got them to send her a new Treo 180. Now it is working great for her.

    One troubleshooting step that Handspring had her try was making sure the mobile chip door is secure. If it is loose, it should give you a message that it is loose. You can get a new one from Handspring.

    Since hers was still under warranty, it was no cost, but I think there is only 90 days from Handspring.

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    I've had a kind of problem like this where my Treo180 would tell me that the SIM was missing or damaged. Double check the SIM door, stop and start wireless mode and voila, it was back in the pink. Look into this first before turning on T-Mo.
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    I've tried all these things and I still have this problem. Can anyone confirm the 90 day warranty? What was the hoop that got your friend the new treo??
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    Did you guys just melt and join the wires or did u join them with actual solder.
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    sorry wrong thread haha
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    I use my 180 in Suburban Philadelphia and Ft Lauderdale areas with no problems. I drive across Florida to Naples everythings OK but a few miles north in FT Myers, no signal. I never get bad reception if i have a signal. I have found HS very reasonable about problemswhether or not you are within the warranty perios. Only problem is that the 180 is in short supply as I understand it.
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    I just spoke with and tech support guy for less than 10 minutes and they weren't hesitant at all to offer me a replacement phone. I told them exactly what problems I was having, with a bit of unneeded exageration, and he offered the replacement. I just hope that this phone fails on me again because the trouble is worth it if I can get a 270 on Handspring, which hopefully is true

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