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    I am using Eudora EIS to sync w/ Outlook 2002 on my XP desktop.

    I only keep 3 months worth of email in my inbox at a time, but that is about 6000 emails.

    When I sync, I tell EIS to only get the latest 100 emails but for some reason when it syncs it scans through all emails. I get tired of waiting and cancel it around 2500, and when I check my treo no email synced over.

    Does anyone know if I let it go all the way to 6000 once, it will not try again. Will it try to do this each time I sync? Am I doing something wrong, or is this a "feature"?

    If it is a feature, does anyone have any recomendations on syncing outlook email by the "last xx emails"?

    Gerald S
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    Got a similar problem onmy Treo 180, and a post for queries! Have a look in the EIS sync log file (eismlog.txt), normally stored in the Handspring -> [Palm Name] -> Eudora Mail folder. In my case (Outlook 2000, no SR, IM only, inbox 900 mails) it scans the inbox from the first mail to the latest, even though I requested the first 100 mails! Then gets to a problem count and simply stops analysing. Says
    Reading from PC - Failure
    in the log file

    Tried changing to use MAPI, same problem. Tried changing default mail app to Mozilla and import Outlook mail. Same problem, but chooses a diffrerent email to complain about.
    You might have luck by simply moving the oldest 90% of mail into a temp folder, and then try again. This is the only way I got mail into eudora, and it might not work until you get the numbers right. As far as I've seen it will look through the entire Inbox amount every time

    If only the included one-touch mail would do desktop sync then the Treo would have an out-of the box match for even the Windows CE Inbox app. The built in mail app on my Psion5 does syncs all folders with loads of options and it works! I might resort to the standard Palm mail app! I'm not ready to pay for the unknown amount that wireless pickup would cost yet

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