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    I saw this on eBay and thought it looked pretty cool:


    It is supposed to be a mini-antenna that replaces the standard nub. Has anyone tried one? There is conflicting info, the subject line says it works with a Treo 300, but the page says it's not compatible with CDMA phones. Anybody have any experience with a 300?

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    Do a search. People have been writing on this forever.

    Figure out first if you have a screw-out 300 antenna. Not all of them do.
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    You may find, as I did, that the one they send will not work. Mine was 1/8" too short and would not touch the circuit board terminal when screwed in. I do realize that others have mentioned that it works great on their Treos. I have no theories to explain that.

    I have some other mini antennas on order, which are very cheap and were shipped from a Hong Kong factory. I expect them within a week or so. I should then, hopefully, be able to tell which Motorola styles are compatible with the Treo 300.
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    Okay I got my 8 antennae. Guess what? Not a single one fits the Treo! Well, that's not so hard to believe as I only bought them for 3 different Motorola-style phones. So the Treo isn't compatible with V60/V70/Startac antennas.

    Mostly the problem is that nobody seems to have the proper, or improper, threading that Treo uses. It's a metric, M4 w/ .5mm threads. Most of that size use a .7mm thread. I'm tempted to just replace the whole threaded insert but frankly I'm just sick of the whole thing.

    At any rate, I did buzz one of the mini antenna style down and got it to screw in ok once I dremeled all threads but one turn. Signal was about the same as the eBay mini-antenna, not so good. So I'm back to a stubby I made, though I did put a nice cap on it now

    Anybody got an original Treo antenna they want to sell? I destroyed mine in order to remove the loctite.

    I'm tempted to order a metric die set and make an antenna shaft from scratch. This has been such a fiasco.
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    potatoho, i appreciate all your insight into our antenna issue.

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