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    Once or twice a month my wireless mode will turn off by itself, anyone else have this problem? I'll notice the red light flashing on top, and if I them turn wireless mode off and on again, it will search for the network in vain. Only when I soft reboot will it be able to find the network again.
    Happens once or twice a month, a pain in the **** because I will miss calls if I don't notice it.
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    Usually happens when you are in an area of poor PCS signal coverage, at least thats been my experience. If I forget to shut down my wireless mode before entering the "radio dead zone" of my office, the same thing happens to me. By the way, if you experience poor signal coverage in an outdoor area, inside a city that other wireless carriers are mandated to provide a signal, lodge a complaint at I received a phone call and a follow up letter from Sprint after doing this, and was informed that Sprint is constructing an antenna site nearby. They also promised followup notices. Remarkable response, and within 1 week of me filing the complaint at
    I can't for say for sure that this is the problem you are having, just sharing my experience with weak PCS signals.
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    I don't know if that is the problem, I get two bars at work (not exceptionally strong) where it occurs, but come ot think of it I think it occurs mostly here.
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    I've got the same problem.

    It sort of reminds of the "power saver" mode on my old Samsung. It certainly seems to correspond with no coverage.

    That phone put up a big message on the front that told you it was off -- so it was obvious when it was off.

    Anybody have a way to get the Treo 300 to tell you in a more obvious way that it turned wireless off?

    Slightly OT: Anybody know where in Sprint PCS's site you could find info on this?

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    This has been talked about and quite familiar with Treo 300 owners. It's been affectionately called the "Red Blink of Death." Everybody is hoping that an upcoming firmware update will solve this problem. Hope this helps.

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