If you've used pqaanywhere to make PQAs on your device, you probably have noticed that they still make you click a "Go" button once you launch them. That's actually a limitation of PQAs, that they require at least one URL to be clicked before they go live.

Occman (One-Click Clipping) lets you do the same thing except that it hits the site right when you launch it, therefore saving me time. Though it doesn't actually make a PQA at all. It employs two strategies. By default, instead of a PQA it makes a occ database (tiny 300-400 bytes) which is associated with the occman app. Therefore it shows up in the launcher, and when you click it, it simply uses occman to launch a clipper window and away it goes as normal.

A second method allows you to make a stand alone application. Using this method it adds a little code to the occ and makes it an 'appl' type. This is then independent of occman and can be beamed etc to others who may not have occman. I DON'T RECOMMEND YOU MAKE A STAND-ALONE OCC ON THE TREO. Apparently the Treo launcher doesn't show multiple icons for 'appl' with the same creatorid.. and so if you make one of your occ's into stand-alone it will then "hide" occman itself from your launcher screen, until you go into t'catalog or filez and change the 'appl' of your occ back to 'occ '. A little weird, but there's source code available to occman so this can be worked-around.

At any rate, this occman is very cool. Of course it requires the web clipping libraries, either get them from the million other threads on treocentral, or install the Mobile Internet Kit as I did. Using occman has been great, Oh! and it also comes with a command-line tool to let you make occ files on your desktop -- with custom icons & stuff. Man, I'm going to make a pile someday.