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    I never did get around to buying a case for my Treo. But now that I've got another brand new replacement one, I was thinking I should probably pick one up - and keep this phone nice

    Any reccomendations out there? I like the looks Case Techworks convertible one, but I'm not crazy about that big ol belt clip.

    Theres another one with a nice slip clip from (dang, can't remember the company) but it didn't look as nice, had plastic covering 1/2 the keyboard.

    Anybody tried the Case Techworks model without the clip and adding a belt clip to it? Or are there other cases out there people are using?
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    hi, if you live in the us, the belkin site has a good looking one,

    shame they wouldn't ship to the uk even with their uk site....
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    Im in the same boat, will get a replacement soon and was thinking bout the Convertible Flip Case.

    I just want a slim case that offer some protection.
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    My convertible case from Tech Caseworks arrived today. So far I am pretty impressed with it. I got the one without the belt loop. Fits in a jeans pocket, although you can see the outline of it. (Before, I could slip the treo sans-case in my pocket and it wasnt noticeable)

    Anyhow, the back is nice and flat below the snaps for the top half. I am thinking it should be possible for me to put some kind of a thin clip on there to hang it from a belt or pocket. More to come as I experiment
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    Sounds good, ive had my 180 in the pocket using the handsfree, ended up bending the handsfree connector and probably damage some of the internals on the Treo as well. (getting it replaced anyhow so no worries) Just made me think about getting a case with a belt clip instead.

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