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    I've got reports that the local distributor is full of Treos filled with problems on either the screen or hinge.
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    Originally posted by ManofTrueGod
    I've got reports that the local distributor is full of Treos filled with problems on either the screen or hinge.
    Not sure why a distributor would want to hang on to lots of dead stock when they could return them to HS for replacements, move the good stock and make some cash... In the words of Spock - 'Captain, it is not logical'.

    Oh, out of 4 Treos, never had a hinge problem (lots of other problems though).
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    Probably, it was a snapshot in time. Those could probably have been batches for replacements. I contacted one of the local distributors and that is indeed the practice. No repair, just replacements.
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    The right hinge on my 270 busted about 3 weeks ago. It started with a stress fracture on the flip-cover and immediately snapped.

    I have been too depressed to fork over the $200 to get it fixed. I tried gluing it, but that only lasted 4 days.

    It made me think about what I would replace my treo with. The things I like about it the most is the keyboard and dialing UI. I just don't see a good repalcement out there on the palm OS.

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    I had hinge crack on myTreo 300. I took it to Sprint store & they replaced it right there-no questions asked. They said this is a known issue & where as any physical damage usually isn't warrantied, the tech said because of many phones being returned because of this, the "flip" portion of the phone IS covered under warranty if cracked, etc. I know that the 270 is with other carriers, but I would take it to your provider's service center and tell them that Handspring stated that this is a know issue and should be replaced. If that doesn't work, don'y give up (one person at Sprint said I was out of luck but another guy in the store replaced it). ***** to the right person & you'll get it done!
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    After an hour pleading for a return at the Good Guys I thought I was out of luck. I made a call to handspring and the next thing that happened blew my mind.

    HS sent me a brand new 270 next day air with a postage paid return for my old unit at NO CHARGE! They won me back!!!
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    Here in Europe they stopped with that service.

    I had my 180g sent in for a warranty replacement so i had to mange without the phone for almost 2 weeks.

    I now had the replacement for 4 days and there is something wrong with the lid. Phoned support and was told to send it in looks like i will have to be without the phone for another two weeks. For christ sake ive only had it for 4 days i you cant send me a replacement in advance.

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