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    What's the best map software out there?
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    By far. Even better with gps support (old Visors w/Magellan GPS module)

    the new version of mapopolis is twice as good (it was already good) as the old. Very fast, good color, good mapping/searching of directions and addresses. Editable points you can add. I paid for the one year subscription and downloaded all the states i may need.

    I've seen a treo to serial cable post long ago, and remember an advertisement for one (you could hook the cable up to a standard GPS unit for SUPER navigation using mapopolis. Mapopolis has all the streets and it's hard to get lost using it.

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

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    I use Mapopolis as well and I am very happy with it.
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    why bother with mapopolis when you can use mapquest for free?
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    Because the maps are better (i.e. resolution), IMO.
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    well, here's a few anyways:

    Mapopolis IS free! (it's worth paying for the maps you'll use, but there are free maps too)

    there's no need to be connected to the internet, and no waiting for transfer data.

    maps are easily readable, and scrollable for as many maps as you have installed.

    quick address, street, location look ups

    two types of driving directions

    GPS support (just need a cable)

    maplets (your own added points on the map)

    metric/english units

    ability to show/hide street names, town names for faster usage

    custom colors

    Isn' that enough?????

    "it's not the quantity, but the quality"

    There are NO Limits
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    How do you get Mapopolis for free?
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    last i checked, you just download the program. it comes with a sample map, but their website has a variety of maps/plans. the most basic maps were free, the better the map, more it costs. I paid for a years subscription with my prism (both now expired!) and got a bunch of entire states in the platinum gps version. tell me what county/state you need and an email address! if I got it, ill send it
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    I downloaded the program and was trying it out, it is fairly nice. I am living in MA and mainly need MA and Boston area for my wife who is from Argentina. I have pre-ordered her a new iQue 3600 with built in GPS and voice command (I am jealous of the 150 Mhz processor), but it does not come out until April?? So the Mapopolis is good for her Palm V until it arrives.

    I also may not need it Mapopolis for my Treo after May since I am ordered a new Acura MDX with built in Nav system. Too many apps and not enough space, I wish the treo came with SD expansion!!

    If you have a MA-Boston map, that would be awesome. just click the email link below this post!
    Boston, MA
    Treo 650 and 700
    Former Treo 300 and 600 Owner
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    I checked the email link and it does not allow for attachemnts, you can email me at! Thanks!
    Boston, MA
    Treo 650 and 700
    Former Treo 300 and 600 Owner
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    Do you have any maps for Florida/Pennsylvanis/Oklahoma/Texas/Kansas? I'd appreciate it if you do, email waveracerr@hotmailDOTcom (replace DOT with .) Thanks.
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    Got Washington and Oregon?
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    new york or missouri? jened2@1ofakindcreationsDOTcom

    i just picked up a magellan gps companion and it's pretty cool. finds a satellite lock incredibly fast even starting up in my car.
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    oh come on! The price for maps from mapopolis is very reasonable. Why don't you BUY the maps and help support the people who brought you the software you are enjoying?

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