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    OK I admit it, I'm a total dunce. I've set up a password for my account on the Sprint site and got this on my PC browser:

    "Thank you for registering. Your account is now active and you can begin sending and receiving emails immediately. Sprint PCS Wireless Web Mail is accessible from your Sprint PCS phone's wireless web browser at @SprintPCS or from your PC at "

    There seems to be no mention of any sort of wireless email on the Sprint site other than what they call "wireless web" mail. Nothing in the default Blazer browser has to do with email so I can't even get the browser based / web based email to work.

    I know that I can supposedly install a third party mail app that I can use fr wireless mail access like Eudora or TreoMail but what does Sprint mean by the statement above? I don't see how I can send email from my Sprint account at all, only through Yahoo, etc.

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    I had the same problem and it's not intuitive. After being transferred to several people in customer service, it turns out that the "@SprintPCS" they refer to is found on the browser for other vision phones (not blazer). The best way to access sprint email on the treo is through Eudora (download free copy through and download it to your treo. It will run a wizard to help you set it up to retrieve mail from the sprint account or you can go to options, then accounts, click on new and create a new account. Type in your username. The incoming server (POP) should be and the outgoing server (SMTP) should be And, contrary to the welcome message, you will not be able to begin sending and receiving emails immediately. You will still have to call customer service (they may transfer you to the right technical service person after a few tries) to get them to activate your password - I had to do this even though I could access the email from the website on my desktop. Hope this helps.
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    i'm having problems trying to retrieve sprint mail in snappermail.

    I've setup the account as you mentioned above, but it doesn't work. I get an authentication failed, check username and password.

    But I know it's setup right...ugh. I assume my email password is the same as my login password for my account online? that's the only thing I can think that is wrong..but it's been so long since I set this up, I can't even remember my email password. But I can check my email online, so that's why I assume the password is the same as my account log in password.
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    You may need to set your password for the email on the website. You can find it under in the PCS Mail portion of the sprintpcs site once you sign in. Go to Settings and Preferences where you can find the tab to enter a new password. It is my understanding that your Vision password is not neccessarily the same as your PCS account password.
    Anyway, this is what worked for me when I set up noth my wife's and my Treo 300s. Good luck. Once it's up and running it works very well (we use Eudora).
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    yep, that's what I had to do.

    Weird though, i could send and recieve email on their site. But had to setup the password to now get it in snappermail.

    Oh well, all is fine now.

    If I could just recieve an SMS message it'd be even better!

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