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    Upgraded Comp to XP,can't get Treo to Sync over the USB.

    Do not have original disk, it feels like USB port is not working????

    "Connecting using Direct USB/Serial" then...."The connection between your handheld and the desktop computer could not be established.Please check your setup and try again...."
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    you might try downloading the palm desktop and hotsync programs here

    (there has been an upgrade since what came with the treo anyway) and then re-install. you might even have to uninstall what you have on there if just reinstalling does not help.
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    The problem you are encountering is common. You are probably coming to XP from 95 or 98 and therefore jumping tracks from the old MSDOS architecture of those versions to the NT base of XP. The drivers are completely ddifferent on both platforms and frankly the upgrade built into the XP install is poor. Most people find they get a much more stable system by installing XP as a complete and fresh install. The analogy I use is upgrading PC hardware by adding new components but the underlying architecture remains the same. You will always have bus speed problems in this instance. It is the same for upgrading to XP - you will always have weird niggly problems unless you install it clean.

    If you decide not to do this, try the USB Reg Clean utility from Handspring support. This un-enumerates the USB drivers from the registry of your PC and also clears out old .INF files left behind by Palm drivers.
    hkey_localmachine - enum - usb - 082d

    I also recommend that you check out to make sure that your hardware (USB host controller and chipset) are actually compatible with XP - they may not be and in that case a PCI USB card that is newer than your existing USB port setup may be required.
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    Go to:

    Start: Programs: Accessories: System Tools: System Information

    Look and see if you have an IRQ conflict with the USB port and some other device. I had a similiar problem with my computer at work and finally found the conflict which I fixed by removing a modem I was not using.
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